Fried Pickles make everything better

This is not a healthy recipe. It’s not even trying to be. Sometimes somethings are just better deep fried.

This is one of those times.

You’ll need:

A skillet

About 3 + cups of veggie oil

Seasonings- salt, pepper, creole, paprika, garlic powder

Breadcrumbs about 2 + cups

Flour all purpose about 2 + cups

3+ eggs whipped

A jar of pickles cut how you like.

Step 1:

Get 3 eggs and whip them in a bowl.

Get about 2 cups of all purpose flour in another bowl

Get 2 cups of breadcrumbs in another bowl

Choose your pickles- I like mine sliced as if they’re going on a sandwich.

Step 2:

To your breadcrumbs add your seasonings:

I added salt (just a bit), pepper, paprika, creole, garlic powder and then more pepper. Season to taste as you’d like but don’t be shy, this is where the bite comes in and you’ll want to have some good taste to the pickles.

Mix it up!

Now something to add here is that the pickles are already quite salty so just keep that in mind when adding your own salt.

Okay- Step 3:

Get your station ready.

You will need to pick out your best pickles (the ones that are whole and not torn up), and you’ll need a significant amount (about 2-3 + cups) of veggie oil in a skillet and hot and ready to go.

Line your dishes up ready for the dipping!

Repeat after me: pickle-egg-flour-egg-breadcrumbs-skillet

This is important- you are dipping pickle into egg first- then flour- more egg- then breadcrumbs- then skillet.

Got it?


Here they are with the egg-flour-egg-breadcrumbs method complete and they are ready to go into the skillet.

And in the skillet they go!

Fry those suckers until they have a nice crisp and look like this:

As a side note once your breadcrumb mix or flour become lumpy from too much dipping, change it out and add new flour and new breadcrumbs seasoned.

Enjoy the pickles with some ranch dip if you have it!

You. Are. Welcome.

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