The Education of Margot Sanchez

I finally got around to reading this gem by Lilliam Rivera and I am sooooo glad that I did.

This is a fantastic YA read but let’s be honest, YA isn’t just for YA- you know y’all read it so don’t be shy.

Margot has stolen daddy’s credit card and charged some prime quality clothing to it, all with the aim of impressing her new friends from the prestigious Somerset prep school. And now Margot’s being punished for her crimes- faced with a summer of working off her debt at the family grocery store.

Somerset prep is a far cry from Margot’s life in the Bronx and she’s finding herself getting more and more creative in re-arranging herself to fit the social norms of a mostly rich, mostly white cohort. The only problem is that in trying to fit in, Margot is losing her family, her closest friends, and herself too.

Enter Moises, the handsome young activist with a past, and a source of some confusion for Margot who isn’t quite ready to admit that she’s got a crush. Also add complicated and toxic friendships, childhood memories, less than ideal family relationships, and a destructive patriarchal dynamic.

Rivera navigates this coming of age story in full consciousness of its cultural and racial implications, and adds a great plot to boot.

This one is well worth your time.

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