How to Make Friends with the Dark

Oh boy.

This one will take your devoted attention and perhaps a little meditation afterwards. It is absolutely harrowing, a daunting read with an entirely devastating plot, and it is absolutely brilliant.

Grace ‘Tiger’ Tolliver, our sixteen year old protagonist, must try to make sense of the world in the wake of her only parent’s (mother’s) sudden death.

Tiger is plucked from everything that she knows, placed into a series of foster homes and finds herself trying to navigate ‘normal’ tasks under the watchful eyes of caring adults who do not seem to understand how she is grieving.

The arrival of a previously unknown half sister uproots her world once more. It will take a series of truly unfortunate events to bring Tiger to a new but somewhat live-able reality.

I bawled like a baby.

Seriously- ugly crying.

This is a truly dark but astoundingly written story covering loss and grief and trying to make sense of a completely new and entirely uprooted world. Tiger, as a character, is raw and relate-able. The dialog and monologue is unforgiving and unapologetic. And the support characters and their stories are uniquely and masterfully constructed.

This is an absolute must read, but fair warning that this isn’t an easy one.

Definitely a five star rating from me.

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