Never Missing, Never Found


Well hi there! It’s been a second, I know, but I thought I’d drop by again and post something just to say I’m still alive and kicking…and reading.

I have a new(ish) book to blog about, something interesting and snappy to read. This was a relic from the ALA Chicago era. A lost artifact from my time at the library conference when I picked up too many books to read (without any guilt whatsoever of course) and brought them all home in hopes of reviewing and blogging about them all. Two years later and here we are. Oh well, the important thing is that the book was read in the end.

Anyhow, this young adult read, coming from author Amanda Panitch, is a bit of a page turner. I was in the mood for some sort of thriller / mystery and this jumped out at me from the precipice of my bookshelf last Sunday and I did not put it down all day. Here’s the cover:


The link to the book on Amazon is here!

Obviously, the cover is pretty and blue and there is a girl with wispy hair flung over her shoulder looking mysteriously at the audience. So, yeah- I thought- why not.

The plot starts out relatively straight forward. Our protagonist is Scarlett. She’s had to make some very difficult choices in her life, especially during the time that she was held captive, kidnapped from her family and stolen from her life; she suffered very traumatic consequences of a very traumatic situation. But now she is back, she’s escaped from her captor and is back with her family (save for her mother who seems to have strangely and suddenly left the home). It’s years later, and Scarlett has a new job at an amusement park, something for the summer that will get her out more, help pay for her car, and help her seem ‘normal.’ She is surrounded by new friends and has opportunities for new romance.

But something is awry. Something under the surface is emerging, old memories are coming forward, and decisions made in the past, difficult decisions that still haunt Scarlett to this day, start to rear their ugly head. Scarlett is uncertain of who is friend and who is foe, and in the end, the tides will turn to reveal an ugly truth.

Ooooooo- does that sound good?

Young adult audiences will love this. It no doubt appeals to their dark , broody side and it has enough of a plot twist to keep them reading. This one is definitely an easy page turner, with a simple to follow plot and a slightly unreliable narrator.

The ending was clever enough with a good resolution to the mystery of the plot. However, there was little resolution in terms of the relationship with Scarlett’s mother and also the plot twist at the end was an interesting idea, but could have perhaps used more foreshadowing.

Overall the use of unreliable narrator was interesting and added an extra layer to the story. The introduction of support characters moved the story along, and the basic premise of the novel was entertaining and paced well enough to keep things interesting.

This is a great YA read and a good book for a lazy Sunday and rainy afternoon.


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