From Houston to Amarillo and beyond

Day 1:

It’s a nine hour drive and there’s no way around it. Houston to Amarillo has us traveling into some of the most beautiful Texan countryside. It is hard to say goodbye but no better way to do it than to see the beautiful of nature as we leave.
Texas is the land of big skies and open plains and old rickety barns and lots of cattle. I am reminded why we love it and why we’ve been here for this time. Traveling through here is like taking a deep breath of healthy, rejuvenating air. A relief to be finally on the road, but bittersweet too.

Day 2:

We leave Amarillo, but not before visiting Cadillac Ranch car art monument and leaving our spray painted mark. We have a great sense excitement today, it feels like we’re on a grand adventure and there’s some amazing places to visit on the way. Today we stopped at Capulin Volcano in New Mexico. I’ve never seen landscape like it. From Route 66 to the Santa Fe trail it was so easy to see how early Americans travelled this vast landscape. None of the pictures adequately captures how panoramic the scenery was or how huge the sky. It was like stepping back in time to see the great frontier and grazing lands in their glory. Our journey took us to the East side of the Rocky Mountains and into Colorado Springs by nightfall.

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