The Seasons Change

So this post is simply dedicated to the last couple of weekends, where the need to get out, see nature, take a long walk and breathe the fresh Fall air is all the more important given the fact that the temperature is dropping and winter seems to be on its way.

Fall in Alaska is (so I am told) a short season where the color of the world comes alive. The leaves change into vibrant golds and reds, it is the time of berry picking, the rains come and the first sign of frost reveals itself to the world.

It is a time for the night sky to return and for the Northern Lights to come with it. In fact, I had a simple moment of pure joy in the early hours of the morning just staring up at a sky that had more stars than I believe I’ve ever seen. 

This is the time for fire pits and s’mores and pies and pumpkins. And even though we are still in the midst of pandemic and social distancing means that the big festivals are not in abundance, there is still room for joy in nature, with our “bubble” friends, for small family moments in the kitchen, and for little moments like the ones I’m posting, which show my husband, daughter and I – you guessed it, in nature exploring and fostering that ever growing love of the world around us- Alaska, the last U.S. frontier state.

Wherever you are, I hope that you are finding joyful moments and are enjoying this time of year. Remember to find happiness in the small things and to remember to get outside. 

S’mores time

The views at Savage River hike in Denali National Park were beyond spectacular

Then we did a hike at the University of Alaska Fairbanks trails, which was a fascinating and beautiful trek into the forest.

And today’s trek saw us at Chena Dome trails where a hike into the woods brought us to fresh wild blueberries (among other berries) and some spectacular views.

A post coming shortly on those delicious blueberries! Stay safe everyone and enjoy the Fall.

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