“Ain’t Nobody Got Time For That” – No Fuss Potato Wedges

You’re minding your own business social distancing and whatnot but then the family comes out of the woodworks with the tell-tale sign of discontentment (the tell-tale sign being the ever famous phrase: “I’m hungry”).

So, being the busy wine-drinking person that you are, you want to bake some easy-to-make potato wedges that’ll get everyone off your back.

Here’s what you do:

Get your potatoes- I do one per person but whatever suits

Cut them like this-

Add just enough salt to make your mother worried, enough pepper to match the salt and whatever seasoning you have. I used these pictured.

Add enough olive oil to coat the potatoes

Mix until they are coated with the seasonings.

Spread them in a baking pan with foil- don’t worry if the potatoes touch, you are baking wedges, not cookies.

Bake at about 400 degrees F, until they smell good and you can put a fork in them. A little longer if you like crispy. If you can flip over at some point great, but if you are busy drinking that wine, don’t worry about it.

They’ll look something like this when they’re done.

Enjoy with sour cream and sweet and sour, or mashed avocado if you prefer.


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