Today’s post is a short one, since we have arrived in Fairbanks, Alaska.

We left Beaver Creek at 8am in complete darkness and very cold temperatures. The car protested some when we started it today and the temperature was a balmy:


We travelled along the Alaska Highway before dawn at a very early 9:30am and made it across the border into the US and Alaska before the sun had even risen.

The dawn was once again beautiful and revealed some absolutely amazing mountains with the morning light. The sun never really got much higher than just above the mountains today, but the moon stayed for most of the day and it was big and clear.

We made it to Fairbanks at about mid-day. Enough time to fit an engine block heater for the car so it won’t totally freeze on us, check in with on-post housing to find us all living quarters, and grab some grub to fill our bellies. We’re now set in at the Holiday Inn at Ft Wainwright for the next couple of days as our house gets prepped.

And there ends a beautiful, inspirational, at times long, but unforgettable road trip from Houston, Texas to Fairbanks, Alaska. There were ups and downs (I mean literally, we went up and then we went down). And we have arrived safely at what will be our next big adventure and the last years (maybe- sure- I think) of Jeremy’s military service.

Thanks for joining me on the road. Here’s some picture from today:


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