Adventures in the Yukon

Okay- so today was a day. Not bad- had its ups and downs, and its challenges, but it was filled with amazing adventures. There is no doubt that the current theme of vast, pristine and untouched wilderness remains the same. The views are so unbelievable that I feel like I’ve been granted the ultimate gift from God. I cannot believe that we are doing this and that we have travelled this far in some of the most beautiful landscape I’ve ever seen.

I am in awe of America as a country, of how beautiful and how big it is. I have so much appreciation for the people that work the land and the people that drive it to deliver all of the luxuries that we take for granted every day. I’ve never seen such hard working people.

Today we left the Northern Rockies Lodge which was staffed by two Australians (go figure), it was an amazing stay at a beautiful log cabin at the base of the Rocky Mountains- it was an oasis. After a giant breakfast that would forever rival your grandmother’s best cooking, we left, with full intentions of making it to our next stop in Teslin which is approx 6 1/2 hours along the highway as it crosses back and forth between British Columbia and the Yukon. We wanted to arrive before dark. Good plan, right? Yeaaahhhh.

So what actually happened was that we left in time to see this unbelievable sunrise:


And we started to drive and came across Buffalo/ Bison (I’ll be honest I’m not sure of the difference), which parked themselves in the middle of the road and had no intentions of moving:


But then we got flagged down by a very friendly trucker who pointed out that our U-Haul trailer tires were smoking. And that’s when our plans changed:


Turns out that we had a complete tire blowout which had us disconnecting the trailer, heading out to the next trading post 15 minutes down the road and asking the lady there to use the phone (we have absolutely no service on the road) and ask U-Haul to send someone. The trucker suggested that we ask for someone to come out from a place further back called Toad Creek, which we did.

U-Haul were awesome- figured out where we were based on our description of “our trailer is at a rest stop 10km past that 9 percent downgrade hill and 4km from mile marker 755 (oh wait I mean kms since we’re in Canada) and we’re on the right if you are going north west.” They sent Bob- Bob came out in about an hour and fixed both tires. Bob is making a mint off of U-Haul. Hilariously when we went to the trading post to say that we were broken down, the lady immediately asked us if we had a U-Haul. When we talked to the U-Haul lady, she said that this was not even the most difficult or remote fix job she’s had to put a call out for. When Bob arrived, not even kidding, he came with an assortment of U-Haul tires. Everyone said that this is a daily thing. So there you go.

We got on the road and started our daily ritual of “oooooo” “ahhhhhh” over this:


Highlights of the day were definitely the wildlife. Today we drove through a herd of Buffalo/ Bison (someone please advise as to which term if should be using), and saw Buffalo/ Bison the entire day languishing in the snow by the road, unbothered by any of us. We saw a beautiful Arctic Fox today as well as wild horses and massive and majestic Elk. Some of the most untouched and pristine landscape I’ve ever seen.

In Watson Creek we stopped at this fascinating and very inspiring place, Sign Post Forest. HERE is the website. This was amazing to see all of the sign posts from places all over the world, some which we were very familiar with. All united by having traveled the highway. It was a special site. Here’s the amazing pics:


A long and interesting day with friendly (and slightly off-beat) people. I can only say that I am grateful for clear weather and good roads and hope that the next couple of days- which are our last on our journey are clear skies and easy driving. Wish us good travels!

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