Alcan through BC

So today was our most epic drive yet, a whopping 900kms (I think about that – may be less) through British Columbia, Canada along the Alcan Highway, one of the most scenic and remote routes of our journey yet.

Pristine, white, winter wonderland. While we traveled the Black Mountains of South Dakota, all I could think of was Thomas Kinkade and his amazing artworks so prized and so well placed onto Christmas cards. But traveling along the Alcan, all I can think of is Bob Ross and his “happy little trees.”

I cannot even begin to describe how remote or pristine or how beautiful this place is. It’s so incredibly stunning that I cannot actually believe that we are here doing this journey. I cannot believe that we have been given this opportunity or that I have an amazing partner who not only really wants to do this, but whose dream of living in Alaska is coming true. He did some amazing driving on ice today and we were blessed with clear skies and mostly clear roads.

From Grande Prairie to Muncho Lake, we are well and truly into one of the most remote areas , often without satellite to operate Jeremy’s satellite radio. The freedoms of this is exhilarating. We had our first close encounter with an Elk on an iced road today. Saw our first Moose and came across these (which I need someone’s help in identifying- are they Elk?):


After our amazing drive today we have finally reached to absolutely beautiful Northern Rockies Lodge to a beautiful meal and drinks all round- beautifully decorated for Christmas:


As for today’s drive, behold the Alcan Highway from Grande Prairie to Muncho Lake. Temp high 9 degrees F. Temp low -12 degrees F. Average temp, -9 degrees F.





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