Alberta Canada

So I have not written for a couple of days for two reasons. Firstly because we set off and made it across the border into Alberta, Canada, then we went on to Calgary where we decided to stay and rest a couple of days. It was well deserved and allowed us to prep for the last leg of the journey along Alberta, British Columbia and the Yukon before hitting Fairbanks.

So, I have not posted on our day off, because…well…it was a day off.

Secondly, it’s been a long driving day and it was beautiful but tiring.

But now I can tell you that we are at Grand Prairie in Alberta and the scenery unsurprisingly is gorgeous. A few years back I worked with a fellow librarian and amazing artist, Barbara, and our conversation went to Australia and the color of the landscape there. Barbara explained at the time that a paint company had come out with a palette of colors specifically for Australia, because the hues were so unique.

I think that Canada needs the same. Or maybe it already does. Either way, I can tell you that the landscape here is amazing, majestic, scenic, pastel, wintery, romantic. The mountains are mystic beasts amongst long and colorful sunsets and the trees are thick and Christmassy and covered in snow. Farm houses are dispersed along our route and then it’s long stretches of snowy white highways.

Our trailer took a nasty swerve today and we tried to stop at the side of the road to see if it was okay, but hit ice instead and ended up bedded deep in snow. The Forerunner would have made it out (eventually) but not the U-Haul. Fortunately the friendliness of Canada came through and two people stopped to help and finally along cane a tow truck who happened to be coming by from Edmonton. So- problem solved but a nerve wrecking drive all the same.

We wanted to make it to Dawson Creek today but the snow set in and we were tired. We made it to a Grand Prairie instead, which makes for a long drive tomorrow depending on what we can do and what is happening.

Getting closer.


North Montana and Canadian Border:

Alberta Canada:


Me with my Tim Hortons (no I am not amused, no I did not sleep well the night before)



And our slight mis-adventure 

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