Epic, epic driving day

So today was an epic drive. I think that it certainly can be attributed to the actual road trip leaving Colorado Springs this morning at sunrise


But our road trip today took us north into Wyoming and South Dakota across the great cattle plains and Continental Divide. This was an absolutely breathtaking view and such a changing scenery for one day but consisted of huge open plains, large cattle ranches, mountain ranges that spanned the entire horizon, and endless grasslands as far as the eye can see. It was simply wilderness.

Three things stand out from today’s road trip; firstly, that the Native American people very much ruled vast empires of land beyond anything I had ever imagined or appreciated; secondly, that pioneers actually emigrated across this land in WAGONS; and thirdly, that there are hardworking people who still live here and work the land. It’s something that I could never do. These people have so much courage and connection to the land and are so underestimated.

To give you an idea of scale, but also of the varied and beautiful and diverse landscapes that we saw today, here’s some pictures. In advance, I apologize for the endless road snaps, the pictures do not capture the sheer scale of the land or the desolation or it, or how vast and beautiful the scenery is.





I cannot even begin to tell you about the wind on this drive. It was insane. 60+ mile an hour cross winds. Some of the road was closed to top heavy vehicles. It was crazy!


South Dakota



And all of that for the grand finale. You will definitely have to forgive the numerous photos here, but as a girl coming all the way from Australia I never imagined that I’d see this amazing sight. Definitely the best ending to a long day and well worth the visit. Absolutely amazing, breathtaking and awesome.


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