Just read this lovely book by Stacy McAulty and illustrated by Joanne Lew-Vriethoff called Brave. It’s for preschoolers to third graders and it came out in October of 2017 (so I’m just seeing it now months after it’s come out, but you can’t catch them all hot off the press).


The book looks like this:

Is the cover great? Well the story and the illustrations are too! It’s a great book which encourages bravery among the young in a whole myriad of ways. From helping others to get up when they’ve fallen, to standing up to bullies, to helping a cat down from a tree or leading the way on a great adventure, McAnulty encourages children to be brave just by being themselves and doing the right thing. It’s a book that encourages kindness (speaking of which, there’s some adults that should read it too) and shows that bravery is just being good to each other.

The illustrations are fantastic, showing a range of diversity from skin color, to age, to disability, from kids with freckles and those without, this one has it all. And it’s wonderfully introduced, with the pictures telling a story of their own.


I liked this one and I think you will too.

You can grab a copy here and, guess what?, you can also get it at your local library, where you can speak to passionate book people, just like me.






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