Lost Soul Be At Peace

Another advanced copy that found it’s way to me at TLA was this fantastic new graphic novel by the author of Honor Girl, Maggie Thrash. The book is called Lost Soul Be At Peace and my advanced copy looks like this (but of course be aware that the final cover may change):

Image result for lost soul be at peace book

This one is a young adult graphic memoir of Thrash’s teenage years and the onset of her depression at that time.

Beautifully illustrated, this novel tells the story of Maggie and the trials of her year as a junior. She’s flunking school, dealing with coming out as a lesbian (something that nobody seems to notice), feeling disconnected with her socialite mother, and unable to communicate with her emotionally withdrawn father (who happens to be a Federal Judge). Her cat Tomasina is the only friend she’s got. Then Tomasina goes missing and in searching for the cat, Maggie finds a secret hallway and also finds Tommy, a possible ghost who is haunting her house.

Together, Tommy and Maggie try to navigate Maggie’s difficult depression, from not flunking school; to picking a college; to at least trying to understand her parents; and coming to terms with the idea that to grow into something, one must leave something behind.

This is a coming of age story, with beautiful symbolism in the form of losing things and finding things.

Thrash’s humour and her honesty mark this work as a must read. Teens will really identify!

The book is due for publication in October but you can pre-order here.



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