First blog post

If I had any enlightening words to say about the world, I suppose this would be the opportunity to post them. Unfortunately it’s late and after a nail biting and exhausting Super Bowl last night between the Patriots and the Falcons, I’ve got little to offer in the way of inspirational words or clever anecdotes. What here, you may ask, could this newly created blogger offer in the form of high-class entertainment to wow the masses of followers to come? Very little she replies!

No matter, for there is a plan afoot. For this, my very first post, I shall pay homage to someone or someones far cleverer than I. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, the creator/s of the 2017 POPSUGAR reading challenge in all its glory, with the optional 12 extra challenge categories for the truly book gluttonous.

For those poor unfortunates amongst you who are as of yet unaware, the reading challenge is here:

Now, clearly I am not on the band wagon since following the entire challenge with the extra-12 addendum is New Year resolutionary worthy and I am well and truly late on that front. But still, its worth mentioning that the beauty of the POPSUGAR challenge lies in its lack of rules. Okay sure, there are categories within its framework. The 2017 version offers its followers the opportunity to find a book with a cat on its cover. And one should not underestimate the sheer brilliance in the POPSUGAR ability to frustrate the ever-OCD participant by asserting that they should pick a book off of their personal TBR list (as if any self-respecting reader could easily pick just one). Nevertheless, the challenge itself offers no further limitations than the fairly obscure categories listed online. No assertions are made over fandom exclusion. No challenges made to the reading of graphic novels. No problems made with picking a picture book. If you can make it fit into your personal challenge then it’s full steam ahead.

If you are slightly batty like I am you will take joy in color coding and organizing your completed reads into a neat excel spreadsheet, possibly also alphabetized and then reordered under fonds based on genres. Of course I am a librarian who takes pleasure in this. For all I know you prefer to keep your list on the back of a cereal box. To each their own, (which is the beauty of POPSUGAR 2017).

So there you have it. My first, very short, but no doubt Nobel prize-worthy blog post is dedicated to the clever creators that actually sit down and take pleasure in making those book lovers amongst us churn in anticipation of a new annual challenge. More power to this group of trusty individuals who are especially crafty in ensuring that the categories selected are the most difficult to fulfill (just in case we all get bored in the year).

My blog is henceforth dedicated to you. I shall read books in your honor, first successfully and craftily weaving reading materials into the parameters clearly marked in colors on my excel spreadsheet, then as time progresses facing the ever disturbing prospect of struggling to finish your challenge by the end of the year. But thankyou too in advance for forcing some (hopefully) readable blog posts throughout the year as I review the books as we go.

I suppose this could be referred to as some strange kind of literary symbiosis.

Happy reading readers!

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